Work with us

Become a partner

Partnership is important for us to become successful in our mission to provide the trafficking rescued and child labor to get their rights to protection, education, love, care and so on. We seek your esteemed desire to give a huge contribution by being a partner of EBMF. By becoming one of EMBF partners, you share our values of solidarity and protection of the rights of the rescued children while upholding Nepalese traditions and culture. You are associated with a strong partner and share the success of our activities, which are being carried out in a spirit of cost conscious management and professionalism. With your partnership we can serve for rescued children, provide professional skill to their duty bearers such as teachers at schools and care takers at the care home, transit homes and their own home after reintegration with their family etc. Hence, it will be a unique contribution for all the well-wishers.

Become a donor-Your small donation makes a big difference in the lives of rescued children. Your support will help us to stop child exploitation and give them a bright future. Your contributions/donations will be used for the welfare of children as a whole, often going towards things like, school fees, clothes, foods and sometimes even special programs like extra school recreational activities. Your donation will enhance the stability and security of children by continuing to improve their lives as other privileged children and stops doing risky works at brick industries, hotels, restaurants, individual houses and so on. Anything that you donate will be enormous for our children to reconditioning their lives.

Become a Internship Trainee

We EBMF warmly welcome to the personalities who are interested to translate their academic knowledge into practical skills for the sake of humanity as well as personal professional development. You can offer service as an intern as per your own academic capability in turn; we offer you complete mentoring, guidance and supervision whenever necessary.  Your dedication towards humanity can be more encouraging for the trafficked and slaved children, who are currently being taken care in our childcare homes, vulnerable children and the community too. By working with us you can give your complete service for the education and child rights, etc. Thus, we cordially accept your offer to transform the condition of the rescued children to a better future.