Who We Are

Esther Benjamins Memorial Foundation (EBMF) was established in 2007 with the objective of rescuing Nepalese children who had been trafficked to India or displaced and put in a vulnerable condition within Nepal. Since its inception, EBMF has rescued over 700 children and has safely reunified most of them with their family.

EBMF has been supporting the rescued children for their post-rescue care by reuniting them with families where possible. For those children whose reunification is not possible are being cared by providing structured residential in small family type homes (Care Home) ensuring their protection and holistic development. EBMF is operating three care homes, two in Lalitpur and one in Makwanpur districts. Apart from this, EBMF has setup one transit home in Lalitpur district to engage rescued children in post rescue activities. Besides operation of Child Care Home, EBMF has been conducting anti-trafficking awareness, education support, bursary support and school infrastructure development support in the project areas.

The Esther Benjamin Memorial Foundation (EBMF) is a non-political, non-profitable and non-government organisation constituted with its only aim to provide social service. Established in 2007, EBMF specializes in rescuing the trafficked children from various vulnerable situations and reintegrating them with their families. Further, for those whose reintegration was not possible providing them with an opportunity to live a childhood life in its Child Care Home. Since its establishment in 2007, EBMF has rescued over 700 children and has safely reunified majority of them with their family giving them support for education and vocational trainings.

EBMF believes that lack of education facilities, unemployment, awareness about trafficking are the prime cause of trafficking leading to different form of child slavery. EBMF purposes to address these issues with its different approaches such as improving school infrastructure, raising awareness in school and community level about trafficking and providing scholastic bursaries and Income Generation support.

EBMF works in extremely remote areas of Makwanpur district which have difficult terrain and very little access to basic facilities. EBMF values working in areas where there is greater need.